Artificial Intelligence and 
Machine Learning Team

Keith Louis De Santo- Founder/CEO

President - Lawrence Latham
COO/CMO - Dr. Mehul Patel
CCO - Delia Lovell (Wolf)
Vice President - Jim Mcdonnell
Legal Counsel - William Humphries

Mia D. Martin - Marketing/Branding
Odeleya Haeussler - Business Analyst- Israel - Israel
John Slocum - Blockchain Advisor and South/ Central American Business Development
Haile Di Tieri - Rhamnolipid, Pathogen, AI and ML Periodical construction and researcher

Advisory Board Members
Edward Robinson - Stifel Investment Services
Madelaine Goldish- Biologist
Peter Alexander- LISI
Dr. Priya Patel- PharmD/JD

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