Aerial View of a Drone is a pathogen and contaminate detection company utilizing software and hardware applications, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Using natural and non-toxic Biosurfactants to neutralize pathogens and contaminates.

Our software programs, combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, identify micro-organisms and contaminants.

Our method is highly accurate, is cost effective, and provides results using imaging feeds. Current sample testing requires a sample to be sent to a lab, which have turnaround times of 24-48 hours. 


When detection occurs, we can remediate with Rhamnolipid and a blend of “ Biosurfactants ” with certain ratios of Mono-rhamnolipid to Di-rhamnolipid, their dilutions, and carriers. With this method, toxic residual effects on environments are limited or completely negated.



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Saving humans, plants, and animals from contaminates and infectious diseases.