Outsmarting enveloped viruses

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Mobile and immobile hardware components, bundled with software programs, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Bundled Software Programs

Real time detection of surface, airborne and water borne contaminates and micro-organisms

Identification in 3 Steps - Grabbing the sample, Transferring the sample into the system, Classification of sample

Grabbing Samples from surfaces and the air.

Static electricity is applied or produced by the platform, by prop wash from drones, or by vibration from robots to various plates of different materials. Plates are either embedded in the drones and robots or are placed and retrieved by drones and robots on surfaces to pull in matter, living and non-living micro-organisms and contaminates “tracks”. Through many tracks, all types of matter “samples” will be obtained and evaluated by software packages and algorithms attached to high definition lenses and weighing mechanisms. Evaluation is by motility, mobility, color, size and shape in real time. Clusters of materials are broken apart and re-entered into the system. that are airborne.  

Grabbing Samples from surfaces using sticky substances on object.  The platform utilizes sticky substances applied to wheels of robots to embed samples where the samples are then transferred to the slides by mechanical arm or by the rubbing method. 

Grabbing samples from water sources.

Grabbing samples from water sources utilizes a trade secret and a basic application of flooding stacked boxes.




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Grapping in real time
Type living- non-living
Classification - via verbal reports